Level:  Advanced and Above

Las Galeras has some of the best and most exciting dives on the North East Coast.  Just one example of this  is the The Tower, a truly beautiful dive.

This is often cited as one of the best dive sites in the Dominican Republic – and with good reason! Set in open water just off Cabo Cabron, this magnificent pinnacle is almost 25 metres (80 feet) in diameter and rises majestically from the sea floor some 50 plus metres below the surface.

A slow corkscrew ascent around the pinnacle allows you to discover the spider crab and lobster that shelter in nearly every nook and cranny and, with the great visibility, it is easy to spot the jacks, Spanish mackerel, hogfish, triggerfish and queen angel fish that regularly populate this playground.

Looking out into the distance of the open Atlantic, you can often get a tantalising glimpse of much larger ocean going fish idly swimming by.

As though this wasn’t enough, the pinnacle is covered with a huge variety of corals, fans and sponges all of which have a host of tiny fish playing in and around them.

To add even more interest to this pinnacle, 7 metres from the top is a hole in the rock, reminiscent of the eye of a needle, which provides a perfect place to begin your stop and is a marvellous viewing point to look down to the sea bed.  Yep, the visibility here is usually that good.

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Please note, we do not allow the use of gloves on any of our dives.