Las Galeras dive sites Tibisi 1 and 2 definitely warrant a close look.

A high rocky bluff tumbles into the sea creating a wonderful wall dive almost segmented into three distinct limestone terraces.  The wall descends to 54 metres (175 feet) and, as well an abundance of sea life, also boasts tempting ravines and caverns that cry out for exploration.

At the deeper third terrace area, the wall opens onto a “field” littered with soft gorgonians, large sea fans and sea whips.  This is also a favourite meeting point for jacks, squirrel fish, barracuda and sea turtles to name  a few. Large ocean going fish. like Marlin can often be seen swimming past.

A leisurely ascent up the wall reveals on the second terrace, a lush garden of corals, sponges and gorgonians with a myriad of smaller fish darting around. Lots of crevices and small overhangs also make it a perfect place to look for lobster, crabs and morays.

The first and shallowest terrace is virtually smooth rock but it’s fascinating to see the more rugged sea fans tenaciously holding on and watch the foaming surf caused by the breaking waves 6 metres above.

Although we deem this to be an Advanced certification level dive,  we often take Open Water divers to this site but limit, naturally, their depth to 18 metres.  With an average visibilty in the 50 metre region, it makes a fantastic dive site with a variety of routes to take.

This is a dive site to savour and enjoy at a leisurely pace and, as with all our dives, is a no glove site.