The Tower Dive, Las Galeras, Dominican RepublicLas Galeras has many great dive sites and one such is Piedra Bonita, also known as The Tower at Cabo Cabron.  A magnificent pinnacle rising from 60 metres at the deepest point and stopping just a few metres from the surface.

Freefall down to around 38 metres (for experienced Advanced divers) or stay at 18 metres and enjoy a slow circular ascent taking in the beautiful orange Elephant Ear sponges, the striking azure vase sponges, the undulating gorgonians and the thick encrusting corals. This obelisk offers a diversity of marine life.

Jacks, wrasse and Spanish mackerel swim relentlessly up and down the pinnacle and are often joined by Queen Angel fish triggerfish and hogfish.  Trunkfish are often to be spotted close to the vertical face and when you look out into the open water of the Atlantic Ocean, large game fish are often seen swimming languidly by.

Around 8 metres from the surface, The Tower offers a keyhole opening easily wide and high enough for divers to swim through and it provides an interesting area to begin a safety stop.

With visibility usually being 55 metres this is one dive that is breathtaking and should be on every divers’ ‘Bucket List’arch at Cabo Cabron Las Galeras

Las Galeras Tower clear water