Whether you are a diver, someone who wants to Try Diving, a snorkeler or someone who just wants to while away the day on a beach, this excursion, we believe, offers the best value for money and has something for everyone.

For divers we offer a 2 tank dive; the first site is an impressive wall that’s hard to gauge the depth of from the surface.  It’s home to a variety of marine life,  clams and oysters are common sights and we like to search for lobsters in the nooks and crannies of the wall.  Generally the dive depth is around 29 metres for Advanced Divers and, at shallower depths,  it is a good site for Open Water divers.

For snorkelers, our snorkel guide will lead you to a nearby site with sea eggs, soft corals, small fish darting about and a  sea bed festooned with brightly coloured Starfish, also known as Sea Stars.  Clear, shallow water makes this, for snorkelers,  a cool place to practice.

The second site we visit is the wreck of a ferry (No one was injured when it capsized) that is teeming with shoals of fish and Puffer fish are often spotted as are the territorial and ‘ferocious’ Damsel fish on the nearby reef

The shallow waters here, 12 meters at the maximum, mean that snorkelers can also enjoy this site and can see the divers below them as well as the beauty of the wreck.

There is always something new and exciting to be seen and this link will give you a little taster:

We then go ashore for a delicious lunch and relaxation time on the glorious Cayo Levantado beach.

We also offer NAUI Endorsed Tandem and Try Dives here and you can contact us for details.

Prices vary for this excursion and group discounts are available.  We can cater for large groups, luxury private trips and are happy to tailor make the excursion to this Island to suit your needs. Please contact us for details.