The Samana Peninsula is a great place to undertake the NAUI Divemaster course.

Being a dive professional is not a job, it is a way of live and the Divemaster qualification is the first rung on the professional ladder.  We offer this course with an aim to produce experienced, knowledgeable Divemasters who have the knowledge and passion to organise and conduct enjoyable, safe open water dives for certified divers.

A NAUI Divemaster plays a very important role in any dive operation and, as a bonus,  is paid to do what he or she loves to do whilst gaining the valuable experience necessary to advance to  the next level, that of Instructor.

During your DM training, you will learn how a dive operation works, develop your interpersonal skills and enhance your waterskills to that of a NAUI Assistant Instructor.

For the duration of your course, we can arrange accommodation for you in the area. We have everything from camping  and sleeping in hammocks to luxury villas and casitas and all points in between.  just let us know your budget!

As with all our courses, we can tailor your course schedule to fit in with your lifestyle and aim to make learning to dive a fun experience.

Although we quote a price for this course and give 14 days as the duration, we believe the best way to become a NAUI Divemaster is to apply to us for an internship and work alongside us in our centre.

Please contact us for more detailed information about how we can help you achieve your goal.

Cost: 750$
Duration: 14 Days