Cave Excursion

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So, two bats are in their cave and one says to the other “I could do with some blood right now” the other said, “Me too but it’s almost sunrise”. The first one said, “Wait here” he flies off and comes back with his face covered in blood. The 2nd bat says, “Hey where’d ya get that blood from?” The other replies, “Ya see that tree over there?”

“Well I didn’t”

If you want to see bats – without blood – then our hidden cave in Las Galeras is a must do.

The entrance to the cave is covered with hanging vines and creepers and it seems, at first glance, to be just a glorified hole in the ground.  Venture inside however and you find yourself in the first of a series of chambers.  In the first chamber, where there is still some natural daylight, it is easy to see the crevices in the walls where the snakes like to hang out. Yes, that’s right, snakes.  Don’t worry though, they aren’t poisonous and quite shy and prefer to stay hidden.  Being carnivores, they eat any bats unfortunate enough to lose their grip of the ceiling high above and any hapless tailless whip scorpion that stumbles within range.

The scorpion isn’t a scorpion at all.  It’s actually a spider and, we have been reliably informed, are not poisonous and prefer to stay on the walls of the cave rather than scurry across the floors.  The bats that populate the chambers throughout the cave system fly out, en masse, just as the sun sets; to make their way out into the night in search of their supper.  It’s a spectacular sight to see them fly out.

The grotto also has stalagmites reaching up from the floor and stalactites hanging down like chandeliers from the ceiling.  Some of the most spectacular ones are made of quartz like crystals that shimmer and glow with an iridescent light when a torch is passed over them.  On some of the others you can almost see shapes of animals or people in the striation of the limescale.

Surprisingly, there are also plants growing inside the cave.  They look like members of the peace lily family but they are almost a metre tall, very spindly and tipped with a white ‘flower’.

In the very recent past an entrepreneur decided that the cave would make a great discotheque and started to lay a level concrete floor area and some concrete benches.  He soon abandoned the project without giving any a reason.  Some of the locals say he ran out of money but some say the caves are haunted by benign spirits who did not want their home to be destroyed.  Why not come and visit and see what you think.La Playita, Las Galeras, Samana, Dominican Republic

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