Las Galeras residents and tourists are  getting used to seeing our little ‘Spanish” dog in the sea fetching coconuts and sticks.  Born in Spain to a pedigree Cocker Spaniel mum and an ‘absent’ father, our amazing dog captures hearts wherever he goes (He also captures left over steak, training shoes, plastic bottles and anything else within reach).

Being part Spaniel, he loves the water and often accompanies us on the boat or to the beach.  When he isn’t swimming or investigating the local marine life, he loves a belly rub! Volunteers for this job are welcome to apply!

At the grand old age of 10, he is getting on in years now but still loves his life here in Las Galeras, as you can see from his picture! He is also very proud of his doggie lifejacket..

Recently he came on a trip from Las Galeras to Fronton and appointed himself in charge of depth sounding for the Skipper or maybe he was just watching the fish


Bosun has so much fun on Fronton, he now goes on every trip there we think his excursion is what keeps him so young at heart