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Las Galeras Samana Diving with The Dive Academy

Las Galeras offers a wide range of diving conditions which makes our area perfect for Leadership Courses.  There is only one reason why NAUI has dedicated over 40 years developing the finest Recreational Diving Instructors in the world and supporting them with the most stringent recreational diving safety standards and that reason is YOU.

Scuba diving is an adventure sport and, as such, it has inherent risks.  We and NAUI understand this and we also understand that the only way to minimise these risks is to maximise education. There are many scuba certification programmes available today, but there is only one that can truly be called a scuba education programme and that is the NAUI difference.
To earn the coveted NAUI Instructor rating our Instructor candidates undergo a gruelling leadership training programme requiring extensive dive knowledge and superior water skills. At every step they are challenged to make independent and correct decisions and judgments regarding the level of risk inherent in any and all types of diving situations.
Those who successfully complete this exceptional program become NAUI Instructors and  have the the freedom to adapt their teaching to meet the individual  needs of their students.
For full details and pricing of Leadership Courses – and more information on our interest free credit scheme – please contact us direct.

As with all our courses, we can tailor your course schedule to fit in with your lifestyle and aim to make learning a fun experience.